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Jul 9, 2013 5:00am EDT
of an inch of rainfall. we had a surice cn w by nearly u we had a imodhes.n w by nearly u we don't need a lot more rain, but with he have it coming. the. thisre tim ing to make theroug y isitsoss the mountains.theroug y most of that is not going to hold together. ws isre a two watching the trop. this is tropical storm, chantel. it's going to be heading toward puerto rico by tomorrow tgyough hispaniola. it makes its way to the u.s. coast chi the weary cend. there's stillftemoderssininart impact. that southerly storm will continhowe tgyough tmosay and i tomorrow. here you can see a cold front will be approaching. that will imodrease our chamode of getting some wet weather. much dryer air is coming in on the backside of it. tmosay, scattered showeme. and thunderstorms. a high near 90 degrees. tonigthat, mostly ksoudy. some evening showeme. possible but drying up overnight. low temperatures in the middle 60s to midphae . >> ths. let's talk about that seven-day forecast. there's more heat on the way. isdam,condook at these stherear guests. we're excited for them today. tellftes about it. >> i have
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1